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Wednesday, 17 August 2005


Quentin Ergene





*jaw is on the floor... and rolling*


Wow. Very interesting story Bernard. Makes one wonder what happened between Fergis and your mutual friend while they were Philly. But maybe I'm jumping ahead. I can't wait to hear the conclusion.


Well damn....


OMG!!! How exciting!!! Maybe I have hope with the straight girl I have a crush on!! How lucky for you! You have to finish this story soon man!

That Dude Right There

You know you wrong to keep doing this to us? You do know that don't you?????????????????


Man you're killing me with your endings. Just think -Bernard done gone and turned the man out. (LOL)


Man you're killing me. I can just see it now, Bernard done went and turned the man out. (LOL)



now if only that straight girl i had my eye on could read this.



how many times I have dreamed of this happening between me and my straight boyfriend...

u lucky ass bitch

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