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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


Quentin Ergane

I agree with Dylan and Kristen and Procrastination.

But you are so right. I have been putting myself in the face of rejection because I need to get over my own fear of it. Yeah, yeah, I am partnered and blah, but that doesn't mean all your problems as a person goes away. Love does a lot of things, it even heals you, but it don't hide your shit from yourself... instead it manifests itself in other ways...

My fear of rejection has made me stand still in the most awful of ways. So I am starting to risk it.

I need interest, too.

I love Cardinal signs!


An hour to ask for the colour of your underwear?? thats rather weak in my books..
The host should lead the way into sex, if a guy is in ur apartment in the middle of the night,then the hard bit is over so get on with it..


LOL I'm with Kristen - who gives a shit what color your underwear is - I wanna see the color and size of your dick and ass inside them! I mean really!?

At this point, i've just resigned myself to be the aggressor/initiator/whatever you wanna call it. People are punks. Fear of rejection, shyness, i'm over it all.

I will say, if I'm the guest, I'll wait for some kinda sign that he's interested before I dominate,..I'll let him ask me to remove my shoes, or get comfortable, offer me something, ask if I'm in a rush - these are things to me that usually indicate interest, and some kinda manners. If I'm sitting there with my jacket and shoes on with no drink in my hand after 5-10 minutes and aint nokinda convo goin on, either he's REALLY shy, or not interested, and I can't be bothered with either.

I'm curious, how good was this situation? Cause knowing me, I'd probably oblige the "underwear color" inquiry, knowing deep inside that I wouldn't be satisfied if we got down to it...we'll talk offline.




Hey Bernard!!! ... A friend here in India ... Got lap top recently and wanted to connect back to U.S. and find out what I have been missing in your active sex life ... Liked your bareback posts and it opened my eyes to my own past misjudgments. As much as I love it (being a top and all) risks still avail ... Trust ... peace of mind is big on my list nowadays ... But damn, everyone seems to be going bareback crazy in the U.S. ...

All I have to say is bacterial infections come in all colors ...

Better to save the kinkiest, nasty sex for someone u know and has your best interest at hand ...

I will stay tuned as reading sex blogs and looking at porn can sometimes be much better than random hookup


after all that, THIS is what he asks you? damn am i the only one thinking why did it take him nearly an hour to come up with this line?

i hope dude was a real freak to make up for this mess

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