• Not a story of a Manolo Blahnik obsessed autosycophant and her 3 friends going to different nightly Manhattan spots. I am a thirtysomething black man on Chicago's southside who rarely has more than $50 in the bank after bills, shops at H&M, and realizes that in order to have great sex and fun encounters, you don't have to be rich, athletic, or even that cute--just be available. Enjoy Sex and the Second City

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Friday, 30 March 2012



Welcome Back - I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog (again).


Omgosh I didn't even realize you were back in the blogland. Good to read you again and yeah it's sad that you can get a better date from a doctor's visit then with men these days. So glad to hear everything else is coming together for you. It's definitely well deserved.


Hey B.....glad u r ok. I used to be a loyal blog reader and pod cast listener. Welcome home "friend in my head"! LOL


First off, welcome back. Your voice has definitely been missed.

Secondly, did you go back to see Dr. Sexy? Don't leave us hanging!

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